Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Altered Christmas Stockings and Matchboxes

My two younger sisters mean the world to me. I miss our childhood Christmases together. So many wonderful memories of secretly searching the house for our gifts or quietly staying up, listening from the upstairs hallway of our house until our parents went to bed so we could tiptoe down to see what was under the tree.

We live miles apart now and Christmas get togethers are a little more difficult. They live down South, not far from our mother. In recent years, she's needed more and more attention and care and my sisters have done a wonderful job of looking after her. This year, I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation, in a very special (and crafty) way, for all they have done. They've given so much of themselves to care for her, oftentimes following a full day of work and caring for their own families. To Monika and Amy, know that all you have done and are doing doesn't go unnoticed. I love you both. Merry Christmas.

Our local Goodwill had a HUGE tote filled with 
these stockings. Each was marked .49 cents.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. 

 My sisters have very different tastes so I wanted
to reflect that in the way I altered the stockings.

My sister, Amy, is a lover of all things PINK!
This is her stocking. 

All the trims and embellies came from
things I had on hand. Really love 
how this turned out. It's so girly!

If Amy is a little bit shabby, I'd label my 
sister, Monika, a little bit rock and roll!
I think I captured her spunky person-
ality here. :-)

This isn't my style AT ALL, but I really had 
fun altering this for her. I made sure to 
bling it up quite a bit!

I also altered a couple of small matchboxes
to match their stockings.

Since they live in the South and don't
usually see snow, I thought I'd 
send a little their way. :-)

Backside of Amy's ornament. 

Inside of Monika's ornament.

And the backside.

Love how these turned out. Hope they like them! Merry Christmas All!!!


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