Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jewelry Box

"Just because something didn't work out according to the way you 
planned it doesn't mean it didn't work out for the best.
Blessings are often disguised as pain first." 

Recently, a friend sent me a jewelry box project that was featured in Country Living (see below). I liked the idea, so I attempted to give it a try as a gift to her.

I started with a basic, unfinished wooden box from AC Moore, some string, felt, and some paint. I did great with the felt inserts and painting, but writing the name of my friend (which only requires 3 letters) in string was unusually challenging for me. It was as if all my crafting knowledge and motor skills in my hands just flew out the window. I tried to fix it over and over but it went from bad to worse so I completely abandoned the idea altogether. Once I freed myself of that job, I set out to decorate the box in a completely different way. I'm happy to report, it turned out great. I love the girliness of it. I'm secretly hoping she'll really hate it. I have a spot in my bathroom all ready just in case. :-)

Not one extra penny was spent in the making of this project! Yay!
Everything came from "shopping" my closet.

I love these pink flowers but changed out the plastic centers
and replaced them with pearls. The gold corners were freebies 
sent from my friends at Stay True to God. 

The ribbon roses were found at Goodwill. 
There were TONS in a bag for .99 cents!
The laces were also found at Goodwill for mere pennies.

Inside of the box. Pink and white felt accordion folded
to hold all her precious baubles. 

I have several small Scripture stamps and used one for 
the inside of the top. 

Not exactly what I planned, but the end result is lovely. Like so many things in life, Amen?


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