Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CCL ARTFUL CREATION CONTEST: Altered Dress Form (Project #2)

Got knocked off my feet last week by a stomach bug and then lost my creative spark so this took forever to complete. After dismantling it a couple of times (and with some help from my 9 year old and his growing artistic eye) I managed to finally finish this today.

These are the items I used from the box that Lucky sent me:

 And this is the end result. I wanted the dress form to be
functional, so I attached a clip to the top to hold
a small monthly calendar and a few mementos.
The pretty lady in the photo is my mom. She would have
looked smashing in a dress like this! :-)

I gave everything a white wash with some gesso 
just to soften the lines a bit.
This is where my 9 year old helped out.
I originally had this grey pleated skirt on the left side of the dress.
He told me it looked uneven. He was right! :-)

Close up of the skirt. I made the flower with the large
pearl using my flower punch and the brownish
cardstock Lucky sent in the box. 
The rest of the flowerscame from the box.
Hard to see, but the charms dangling from the skirt are a 
purse and a key. The leaves were originally green,
but I used the fine silver glitter to bling them up
a bit and to match the color scheme. 

Backside. I ran a stitch through the lace and the silver mesh,
then gathered to give it volume. 

Happy with the way this turned out. Now on to Project #3!!!


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